Securing Your Car’s Exterior With Body Side Molding

There's nothing quite like a brand new car: the shiny gleam of the paint, the perfect newness of the interior--not to mention that new car smell! Still, as a new owner drives their car off the lot, those nagging worries always pop up: what if it becomes scraped or nicked or something much worse? No matter what, you want to make sure that your car is fully protected from as much damage as possible.

One of the smartest ways to help keep your car clean from the usual scrapes is to install body side moldings. It turns out that most new cars and trucks being produced today arrive at the car lot without any molding at all. Body side molding is particularly effective as a barrier between your car and everything else it might face: shopping carts, other cars, scratches, etc.

Still, don't feel like you need an expert to protect your car. Most molding kits are easy to install, requiring no drilling or special materials. The easiest way to find the right type of body side molding for you is to shop through the Internet, where you can sift through catalogs quickly. Since each molding kit is car-specific, you'll want to make sure you've found the one for your make and model. Also, find out if the kit comes pre-painted to match the color of your car. This allows your vehicle to still look brand new while being protected at the same time.

So before you've driven too far off that lot, you'll want to look into purchasing some body side molding so that you can keep on driving at ease.

Sport Wing ( is your one stop shop for all your auto accessory needs such body side molding. Jonathan Wickham is a freelance writer.